CU-LEADS Health Policy Module

How to be a health care activist:

an interactive advocacy program on the mechanics of the legislative process

Authors: Shale Wong MD, MSPH, Steven Federico MD, Steve Berman MD
Webmaster: Umit Kaya
Students Instructors


Many physicians wish to advocate for patients when individual clinical concerns reflect broader public health issues. Addressing health policy at the level of state legislation is an important step to understand when facilitating change. This program offers sequential steps toward approaching and negotiating mechanics of the legislative process.

In completing this module, you will address the following learning objectives:

  • Translate a clinical concern into a policy issue for legislation
  • Define the role of a lobbyist
  • Select a representative to sponsor a bill
  • Write a fact sheet and presenting points for a legislative committee presentation
  • Create an advocacy coalition
  • Negotiate salient points or issues of a bill for compromise
  • Address public concerns proposed by media attention utilizing research to guide legislation


You may complete this module individually or in a group setting, with or without facilitation. It may be done in one sitting, or you may stop and return to it at any time using your assigned login and password.

You can use previous button to go back and change your inputs.

You can also reset what you have done, and start from scratch.

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